25 College Republicans Describe Democrats In Three Words

I asked 25 Republican students at Hofstra University to describe Democrats in ONLY 3 words. Post your own in the comments!

1. "Energetic, pretentious, misinformed"

2. "Wasteful, incompetent, stupid"

3. "Holier than thou"

4. "Ignorant, dishonest, misinformed"

5. "Unintelligent, incompetent, taxes"

6. "Ignorant, uninformed, annoying"

7. "Irritating, ignorant, irreparable"

8. "Shitheads, hypocrites, liberals"

9. "Taxes, liars, shitheads"

10. "Lie, cheat, steal"

11. "Spend, spend, spend"

12. "Tax, spend, accountable"

13. "Useless, wrong, incompetent"

14. "Incompetent, malkavian, weak"

15. "Ignorant, backwards, lies"

16. "Small-minded, unwise, backwards"

17. "Hypocritical, unrealistic, intolerant"

18. "Wasteful, apologetic, un-American"

19. "Hypocrites, ignorant, incorrect"

20. "Delusional, over-aggressive, tree-huggers"

21. "Progressive, unrealistic, rowdy"

22. "Intent, informed, articulate"

23. "Petty, narrow-minded, ignorant"

24. "Loud, colorful, bandwagon"

25. "Liberal, ignorant, annoying"

I also asked college Democrats to describe Republicans. You can see that here:

All photos by me, Matt Stopera

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