29 Things I Learned From Spending Two Days With Rick Santorum

I spent two days with Rick Santorum in Iowa and traveled over 500 miles to 6 different meet-and-greets and rallies in Knoxville, Pella, Ottumwa, Sioux City, Orange City, and Rock Rapids, Iowa. Here are some of the observations I made along the way.

29. There is a museum for everything in Iowa.

28. Iowa is farms, farms, and more farms. And nothing.

27. Rick Santorum travels around in a Ram 1500.

26. This book was a big hit.

25. Rick Santorum's son loves mugging for the camera.

24. Rick Santorum is a chocolate ice cream fan.

23. Rick Santorum's stance on abortion is probably the most important issue for his supporters.

22. Still, for some people, gay marriage is an important issue.

21. Immigration was the other important issue.

20. Rick's father is an Italian immigrant!!!

19. Rick Santorum supporters don't do "WTF."

18. When they say Northwest Iowa is God's country, they mean it.

17. The further in the middle of nowhere we went, the more kids were at events.

16. People love pins.

15. This is what Chris Matthews looks like "incognito."

14. Some Iowans wear cool hats.

13. The sunsets in Iowa are beautiful.

12. Journalists stick out like a sore thumb.

11. Santorum doesn't have many canine supporters.

10. Diversity is a bad thing.

9. This is what Rick Santorum's biggest fan looks like.

8. Some Iowans have attitudes.

7. SOS = Sold On Santorum.

6. Rick's speeches got more conservative and fanatical the further away we were from civilization. The crowds were also bigger.

5. Rick Santorum eats at Subway.

4. Coke cans = communist?

3. Rick Santorum has infiltrators.

2. Rick Santorum drinks "Santorum" water.

1. Rick Santorum always has a "muffin top."

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