21 Incredible Stories We Told From Around The World In 2015

From the fight against ISIS in Iraq to the rise of the far right in Europe to those disappearing in Mexico, BuzzFeed World was there.

1. France’s Far-Right Party Seizes The Moment — And The Youth — Rosie Gray

2. The Government Is Losing Territory In Eastern Ukrainians’ Hearts And Minds — Max Seddon

3. These Are The Families Left To Reclaim Garissa’s Dead — Jina Moore

4. The Ghosts of Laprak — Anup Kaphle

5. Alan Gross And The High Cost Of Democracy In Cuba — Joshua Hersh

6. The Other, Weirder Negotiations Going On Outside The Iran Talks — Rosie Gray

7. Nobody, Especially The Government, Knows How Many Mass Graves Have Been Found In Mexico — Karla Zabludovsky

8. Putin’s Action Hero: How Steven Seagal Became the Kremlin’s Unlikeliest Envoy — Max Seddon and Rosie Gray

9. This Is How Syrian Antiquities Are Being Smuggled And Sold — Mike Giglio

10. Women Refugees Fleeing Through Europe Are Told Rape Is Not A Real Issue — Jina Moore

11. Egyptian Doctors Think This Torturous Exam Can Detect “Chronic Homosexuals” — J. Lester Feder

12. The Real Reason Turkey Is Building So Many Mosques — Borzou Daragahi

13. People From China Are Sharing Their Powerful “One-Child Policy” Stories — Beimeng Fu

14. Meet The Mysterious New Hacker Army Freaking Out The Middle East — Sheera Frenkel

15. The Hidden Enemy In Iraq — Mike Giglio

16. This Is What Happened To The Missing Trans Women Of El Salvador — J. Lester Feder

17. Iran’s Intervention In Syria Is Bold, Unprecedented — And Possibly A Disaster — Borzou Daragahi

18. A Palestinian Teen Is Recovering In The Same Hospital As The Israeli Teen He Stabbed — Sheera Frenkel

19. This Is Why The Guantanamo Bay Hearings Have Taken 14 Years — Ali Watkins

20. What They Missed: The Anti-Terror Raid That Asked All The Wrong Questions — Joshua Hersh

21. An Aid Worker Was Raped In South Sudan And The U.N. Did Almost Nothing About It — Jina Moore

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