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This Russian TV Presenter Is Obsessed With The Color Of Obama's Hair

Also: nuclear war.

Posted on March 17, 2014, at 5:09 p.m. ET

This is Dmitry Kiselyov. He hosts a show on Channel One, a TV station owned by the Kremlin. He's kind of like Russia's propagandist-in-chief.

Among other things, he's a big fan of this guy.

The latest episode of his weekly news roundup show dealt with — what else, the crisis in Ukraine. Near the top of the hour, he ran this banner with a picture of Obama and the words: "Gray in the head."

"You know, it seems to me that even U.S. President Barack Obama went gray over the last week. I'm probably not the only one who noticed."

"I think gray hair suits Obama. In any case, it makes his appearance look more noble. But the question is: why did Obama go gray so fast?"

The obvious implication: stress over losing the crisis in Ukraine.


(Here's a picture of Obama in Sept. 2013, by the way, already looking pretty gray.)

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Kiselyov teased the West for pulling out of a planned G8 Summit in Sochi as a means of punishing Russia over its incursion into Ukraine. "If there's nothing to talk about, why does Obama keep calling Putin?"

"Obama got grayer and grayer. I admit it can be a coincidence, but Obama's interlocutor is not so simple."

Ok, enough with the hair. Let's switch topics, Dmitry. Why don't we talk about...


"Russia is the only country in the world that is really capable of turning the U.S. into radioactive ash."

That's nice.

Kiselyov's next job is to take over Russia Today, a Kremlin-run newswire set to replace RIA-Novosti which was liquidated last week in the Kremlin's latest media crackdown.

So that'll be fun.
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So that'll be fun.