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15 Things I Learned About How To Survive The Cold Thanks To The Russian Winter


Posted on February 20, 2015, at 11:48 a.m. ET

It's common knowledge that Russia gets really cold in the winter — in parts of the country, it plunges down to -50 Celsius. -30 Celsius isn't even a big deal. So there are things you learn to survive.

Igor Sokalski/Igor Sokalski

1. Top of the list: Hats and hoods are important. Most of your heat escapes through your head. This is truth. Cover your head.

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2. Layering is also important. Shirts under sweaters. Tights under jeans. Do it.

3. What also helps is vodka.

4. Vodka is also helpful.

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5. Who needs a shirt, have some vodka.

6. Wanna feel positively tropical? Have some vodka.

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7. Need to go outside? Have a shot of vodka.

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8. Is it ten thousand degrees below freezing? I hope we have vodka.

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9. So cold it feels like a billion tiny knives are stabbing at your hands and feet? I'll go get the vodka.

10. Does it hurt to breathe outside? Add some vodka.

11. So cold you can't remember what the sun's warm rays feel like? Have some vodka.

12. Are you there, vodka? It's me, Margaret.

13. Has the cold driven through your layers and into the depths of your soul? Vodka.

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14. Give me vodka.

15. Just remember that drinking excessively while cold can lead to horrible — and deadly — results. Don't wind up like these Russians.

It's cold. Be careful out there.