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These Hamas And Fatah Reconciliation Jokes Have Been Made Before

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah have been divided since a violent split in 2007; news of their reconciliation has led to plenty of skeptical jokes online

Last updated on April 25, 2014, at 1:06 p.m. ET

Posted on April 25, 2014, at 1:06 p.m. ET

"Waiting for reconciliation."

بإنتظار #المصالحة ☺️

ahmed Sul@a7medsul

بإنتظار #المصالحة ☺️

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Israeli and Palestinian peace talks fell apart this week after rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas signed a reconciliation deal on Wednesday, April 23, to end the infighting that has divided Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Fatah-controlled West Bank since 2007. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the next day announced the suspension of already-rocky negotiations with Fatah, spearheaded by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in retaliation for Fatah's re-alliance with the more extreme Hamas, with whom Israel does not officially negotiate.

The Palestinian leadership celebrated the unity deal as a success. Hamas and Fatah, however, have long-standing differences over domestic Palestinian politics and the decades-long conflict with Israel to achieve an independent Palestinian state.

#غزة #فلسطين

As with Israeli-Palestinian talks, the rival Palestinian factions have agreed to similar deals that, for complex domestic and regional reasons, have collapsed. Here's a 2011 headline: "Finally... we agreed."


The deal didn't last long. Here's a near identical headline and photo from 2012, announcing another (eventually failed) deal.

Reactions to the news of #المصالحة_الفلسطينية [Palestinian reconciliation] ranged from the hopeful to the upset — with a heavy dose of fatigue and suspicion over the cycle of politicians promising peace deals, which subsequently fall apart.

#اهل_فلسطين_يعملو_فلو_لبعض #المصالحة




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"If the Palestinian reconciliation fails, we feel like: not a surprise."

#المصالحة_الفلسطينية هتفشل مش اذا فشلت

مغرد فلسطينى@moha_you_gh


هتفشل مش اذا فشلت

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"Brothers no matter what."

أخوة مهما صار #مصالحة


أخوة مهما صار


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Playing with the Arabic, the removal of the final letter turns the word for reconciliation into interests.

ركبوها يمكن تزبط ... وعنجد يصير تطبيق ع أرض الواقع الها في أقرب وقت ..... #المصالحة #فلسطين

وصال ضهير@WASOoOoL

ركبوها يمكن تزبط ... وعنجد يصير تطبيق ع أرض الواقع الها في أقرب وقت .....

#المصالحة #فلسطين

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"Reconciliation brings us together."

#المصالحة_تجمعنا #المصالحة #المصالح خربشة : ميسرة محمد

dalia lababidi@daliaZLababidi

#المصالحة_تجمعنا #المصالحة #المصالح

خربشة : ميسرة محمد

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"Waiting for the people to be screwed."

صباحكم #مصالحة.

"I'm afraid it will turn out to be just gas, just like every time," the man says to the woman, labeled reconciliation.

كاريكاتير للفنانة: أمية جحا #المصالحة #المصالحة_الفلسطينية


كاريكاتير للفنانة: أمية جحا

#المصالحة #المصالحة_الفلسطينية

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There is one new theme to this year's round of reconciliation talks: The Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) and Ismail Haniya (Hamas) selfie. "A sweet and historic reconciliation, but what a loss. There aren't Arab leaders free to celebrate with us."

#العربي_الجديد | #كاريكاتير عماد حجاج - #المصالحة_الفلسطينية في زمن الربيع العربي.

العربي الجديد@alaraby_ar

#العربي_الجديد | #كاريكاتير عماد حجاج - #المصالحة_الفلسطينية في زمن الربيع العربي.

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