Kids In Syria Are Swimming In Pools Made By Bomb Craters Because They Have No Escape

How's your summer going?

Heat got you down? Pool fees too high? Well this is what kids in Aleppo, Syria have for a summer escape: A crater made by one of President Bashar al-Assad's deadly barrel bombs filled with dirty water and dangerous debris.

"In the past we used to swim in pools downtown. Now Assad bombards us with explosive barrels and their craters become pools. It's very hot and we can't sleep during the day or at night," this young swimmer told AFP.

"We are living without water and electricity," another child told AFP. "The water supply has not been stable for week. Children come here to swim in the waters of the crater, which are dirty."

Pretty lucky, indeed.

If you're a kid in #Aleppo, you're lucky to live near a barrel bomb crater/pool. #Syria

Watch the full AFP report here.

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