14 Memes Mexicans Are Using To Deal With The Wall

"I'm not crying, a wall got in my eye."

1. As expected, The Simpsons predicted everything.

2. Some people have moved on to practical questions: "How much do builders get paid?" "How to build a wall?"

3. This meme suggests how to practice for the wall in a fun and educational way.

4. This one shows a receipt with an added "Trump wall donation."

5. "How to cross into the USA through the wall":

6. Hey romantics, free idea: "I'm going to write our names on the wall"

7. "Mr. Trump, we want the wall, but the one from 1830."

8. This meme suggests it wasn't President Peña Nieto's fault — it was all just a big misunderstanding...

9. But, as always, he's reflecting deeply on the subject: "Could we make it out of drywall?"

10. The team of builders, apparently, is already staffed up — by Mexican politicians.

11. "Donald Trump has authorized the construction of the wall; Secretary of Foreign Affairs Videgaray and Secretary of the Economy Guajardo will just show samples of different materials."

12. This one shows the Mexican president giving Trump construction advice: "Put some extra-large broken beer bottles on top of your wall, that will give it a lot of security."

13. One meme-maker channeled their frustration into this graphic image of cartoon genitalia and Trump's face.

14. "Signature to construct the wall, the 'renegotiation' of NAFTA and Canada pulling out. The peso is falling, gas prices are going up, corruption... "

This post was translated from Spanish.

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