Here's How Some Trump Supporters Feel About His Adviser Calling For Clinton’s Execution

"Firing squad, probably not."

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An adviser to Donald Trump on veterans issues called for Hillary Clinton to be shot by firing squad on Tuesday, eliciting a varied response from Trump supporters outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

New Hampshire State Senator Al Baldasaro, a delegate supporting Trump who has appeared with the Republican nominee at campaign events, said in an interview on the Jeff Kuhner Show that Clinton's use of a private server should be considered treason.

“This whole thing disgusts me, Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason,” Baldasaro said.

Baldasaro, a veteran, said Clinton "is a disgrace for the lies that she told those mothers about their children that got killed over there in Benghazi. She dropped the ball on over 400 emails requesting back up security. Something’s wrong there.”

Asked about Baldasaro comments, Eli, a Trump supporter from Alaska, said, “As long as it was done with due process and everything, I don’t see a problem with it.”

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“They talked about maybe drone strikes on Edward Snowden or whatever. I can’t remember who brought it up. The idea is basically the same — which is releasing secure information,” he added.

Jesse Gonzalez, from Lakewood, Ohio, who was carrying a long gun — legal in the state of Ohio — in Cleveland’s Public Square, said, “I get the sentiment. I don’t think he’s being literal.”

“Considering the fact that she’s under federal investigation — which was denied for a long time — and the indictment is being suspended by political agents. I don’t necessarily know about a firing squad, but I know having the judicial system suspended for political reasons is absolutely disgusting,” he said.

Kevin Kvasnicka, also from Lakewood, is another Trump supporter open carrying a rifle and he agreed that Clinton should face some sort of legal action from the federal probe into her email use. But, but added, “firing squad, probably not.”

“But I think she does need to face the proper legal recourse for her actions,” he said.

Asked about the appropriateness of Baldasaro’s rhetoric, Kvasnicka said, “He probably could have said it better. Used more diplomatic language.”

On Wednesday, Baldasaro told NBC News that he stands by the comment “because treason is treason.” Asked about the suggestion by Baldasaro to execute Clinton, Trump aide Hope Hicks told NBC News "No, of course Mr. Trump does not feel this way."