Here Are Some Of The New Laws That Take Effect Around The U.S. In 2015

Tiger selfies are now illegal in New York.

In California, farmers raising egg-laying chickens cannot confine them to cages.

Out-of-state wineries can ship bottles directly to consumers in Massachusetts.

In Utah, cities can no longer ban specific breeds of dogs.

The "Yes Means Yes" consent law goes into effect at California colleges.

Louisiana law enforcement agencies must disclose the number of untested rape kits.

Michigan is cracking down on the buying of large quantities of cold medicine in an effort to control meth production.

In Louisiana, 16- and 17-year-olds can now register to vote.

In New York, you are now required to recycle old computers, video games consoles, and televisions.

In New York, it becomes illegal in February to take a photo with a lion, tiger, or other big cat.

In Louisiana, smoking will be banned within 25 feet of entrances to state office buildings.

Nevada high school students can be denied driver's licenses for skipping too much school.

In California, distributing "revenge porn" will be made illegal.

On Jan. 1, the minimum wage goes up in several states, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

In California, undocumented immigrants will be eligible to apply for a driver's license.

Gasoline leaf blowers are banned in Los Gatos, California.

E-cigs must be sold behind the counter in Illinois.

In Illinois, epilepsy will be added to the list of illnesses that can be treated with medical marijuana.

In Iowa, pimps will be fined $1,000 under a new law passed to crack down on human trafficking.

In Oregon, home sellers are required to disclose to buyers if a house was previously a meth lab.

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