Wild Dash Cam Video Shows Driver Pulling Out Of A Garage And Straight Into A Tornado

A video posted to YouTube on Monday appears to show the moment a driver pulled out of his garage and into a tornado in Bashkiria, Russia.

The video begins with a driver pulling out of their garage as a storm approaches:

vine.co / Via youtu.be

Once the driver has reversed from the driveway and faces the street things turn horribly wrong:


As the tornado approaches, the driver apparently tries to reenter the garage only to find that the structure has been blown away:


Damage can be seen to the property and to the Toyota RAV 4:


You can watch the full video here from Viral Hog:

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The date on the video says it was shot in 2012, but Viral Hog says the incident actually took place on Aug. 29, 2014.