U.S. Olympic Luger's Video Of A Wolf (Or Very Large Dog) In Her Hallway In Sochi Is Apparently A Hoax

Update: Inside Edition is reporting the video is part of a stunt orchestrated by Jimmy Kimmel. A spokeswoman for Kimmel's show refused to confirm the details.

Updated — 6:20 p.m. ET

According to a statement from Inside Edition, "a publicist for the United States Luge Association, Sandy Caligiore, confirms" that the video shot by Kate Hansen and uploaded to YouTube is a hoax orchestrated by talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel and says that Hansen was in on it."

Inside Edition reports that Hansen plans to Skype with Kimmel during the taping of his show Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Jimmy Kimmel Live told BuzzFeed she could neither confirm or deny whether the photo was a hoax or if Jimmy Kimmel's team was behind it.

Kate Hansen shared this wild video on her Twitter account early Thursday morning:

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"I'm pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi," Kate Hansen says on her YouTube page.

GIF of the encounter:

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