The 15 Stages Of Flying A Drone For The First Time

Today I took out the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter, which is about the size of a human hand, and flew it at a park in Brooklyn under very windy conditions.

1. Tweet all your Twitter followers that you are flying your first drone:

Today I study and learn the moves and maneuverers of my future nemesis - Hello baby drone

2. Take that bad boy out of the box and inventory all your parts:

3. Turn on your camera before you start you first flight:

4. Now place your drone down on the ground and get ready for your first takeoff:

5. Your first ever drone takeoff:

6. Your first attempt at trying to fly it will probably last only a few seconds:

7. And then your first crash happens:

8. This is followed by a short jog over to your downed drone to make sure you didn't break it within the first minute of flying it:

9. Then there is the part where you learn how much the wind really affects your ability to fly the drone:

10. Which can only mean another crash is imminent but this time from 20 feet in the air:

11. After awhile you get good enough to fly close to things and not crash:

12. But as soon as you start feeling good about your flying skills a gust of wind shows you who's boss:

13. You will always remember the stage you get good enough at flying your drone that you capture your first selfie:

14. Eventually you get good enough that you can make 360 degree turns while 20 feet in the air:

15. And the final most important part of your first attempt at flying a drone — mastering the soft landing:

You can watch the experience unfold in these two YouTube videos:

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

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