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Motorcyclist Crashing Into A Bear Caught On Helmet Camera

A camera mounted on the helmet of a motorcycle driver in British Columbia captures a young black bear crossing Highway 7 moments before the driver collided with the animal, ejecting him from the vehicle. The driver received minor injuries and the bear simply walked away, according to law enforcement.

Posted on August 22, 2013, at 9:22 p.m. ET

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Corporal Robert McDonald of E Division Traffic Services in British Columbia:

We've spoken in the past about motorcycle stunts and how dangerous they are; we always say you never know what could happen at high speeds. This is a perfect example. The video clearly shows nobody else on the road, and a nice clear dry day. Who would expect a bear to run across the road?

We hope this short video will help people realize the importance of slowing down, and concentrating on the complicated task of driving a motor vehicle, says Cpl. McDonald. While motorists don't often need to avoid bears, every day drivers may need to react to events such as dogs running out suddenly in front of their vehicle, or a cyclist swerving to avoid something, or even a child running out of a driveway.

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