The Trailer For The Live-Action “Detective Pikachu” Movie Is Here And It’s Giving ’90s Kids Everything They Want

“Why YES! I AM completely sold on the Detective Pikachu movie!”

Warner Bros. released the trailer for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu on Monday, and it’s overwhelming — in a good way.

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The trailer does a lot of things well, like reintroducing audiences to Pikachu, who’s voiced by Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool.

The film follows Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a man who used to have dreams of becoming a Pokémon master, much like many of the ’90s kids who’ll flock to see this film.

But things change when Tim meets a Pikachu hiding in his apartment and the two discover that he can actually understand what the pocket monster is saying.

Tim and Pikachu later link up for a journey to find Tim’s missing father.

Fans of the long-running Pokémon franchise get glimpses of other beloved characters, like Psyduck.

If you’re a fan of the original series, you may think that’s Misty standing next to the Pokémon, but it’s actually Kathryn Newton. She’ll be playing a reporter named Lucy Stevens.

Other favorites featured include a herd of Bulbasaur.

A ticked-off Jigglypuff.

And an appearance from the master of illusions, Mr. Mime.

Fan reaction was strong, and some were quite shook after seeing the trailer for the first time.

Me: the Detective Pikachu movie sounds like it's gonna be kind of wack Detective Pikachu trailer: is good Me:

Others marveled at seeing some of their faves display their immense power.

Delighted to see Psyduck playing a prominent part in the #DetectivePikachu trailer. Representation 👏matters 👏

And people are already willing to shell out coins to see the film.

Detective Pikachu can have my money now.

Because this is the internet, there were people who joked about the upcoming movie, like writer Anne T. Donahue, who said Detective Pikachu “will catch the Zodiac Killer.”

Detective Pikachu will catch the Zodiac Killer.

Others laughed about it by referencing 2017’s critically panned thriller The Snowman.

And one person used a still from The Shining to joke about how much “more adult” the film looked.

The first still from Detective Pikachu looks more adult than I was expecting

But overall, people were into it.

Why YES! I AM completely sold on the Detective Pikachu movie!

And they’ll be marching to a theater near you when the film opens May 11, 2019.

My friends and I going to see Detective Pikachu