A Recent College Grad Came Up With A "Fidgetiddies" Trick And People Are Hella Impressed

The fidget spinner meme has officially peaked.

This is 22-year-old Manuela Torres-Orejuela, a recent graduate of UCLA.

Like a lot of people, Torres-Orejuela is really into fidget spinners, the latest sensation that's taken over so many lives. She became fond of the gadget after she was given one by her best friend, and she noticed that it helped her with her anxiety and ADHD.

Her fascination with fidget spinners resulted in her making a now-viral video, which she shared on Twitter and Instagram over the 4th of July weekend. The trick, which Torres-Orejuela refers to as "fidgetiddies," was an idea she'd toyed with before.

hi everyone i have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for

As her time at UCLA approached an end, she'd intended to do the trick for graduation photos, because, as she put it, "everyone tries to do something really ridiculous or funny." Ultimately, she decided against it because she thought it "would be too much" and she kept the idea to herself for the time being.

Eventually, Torres-Orejuela changed her mind and she decided to make the video after she talked about it with friends, and after seeing that there was fidget spinner jewelry, which made her think, "There's a market for my fidget spinner pasties," she said jokingly.

Torres-Orejuela also noted that she majored in gender studies, which she cites as one of the reasons she's comfortable with her body.

On Twitter, people showered Torres-Orejuela, who goes by @caritadepincel, with compliments.

@caritadepincel Girl!!! This is freakin' genius! Some stripper should be REAL happy about this invention!

Some thought about getting fidget spinners for the sole purpose of attempting this trick.

@ashhhh_mg @caritadepincel I might get some fidget spinners just to do this 🤔

"Iconic," one person replied.

Others playfully referenced the color of the spinners in Torres-Orejuela's video, comparing them to the main characters in Nickelodeon's The Fairly Oddparents.

@caritadepincel Wanda and Cosmo y'all not slick

The jokes went on and on and on.

@caritadepincel fidget spinner nipple covers?? i'm blowing on da titties like

And though the overwhelming amount of responses were kind, there were just a few who objected to the Torres-Orejuela's video.

One person asserted she'd done the video for attention.

And some had no words to express their feelings.

Torres-Orejuela also put the video on her Instagram, where she was also inundated with loads of mostly positive comments.

Eventually, she made a tutorial demonstrating to others how they could make their own fidgetiddies — all you need is pasties and velcro.


But Torres-Orejuela wants people to know that she knows how ridiculous the trick is. "I am aware of how ironic and weird my innovation is," she said. "I don't want people to think I am taking it too seriously."

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