Have You Repaired Broken Relationships Since The Pandemic Began?

Has the coronavirus outbreak been the catalyst for you to mend a relationship that needed work or ended poorly? We want to hear from you!

With the majority of Americans practicing social distancing and self-isolation as a way of mitigating the spread of COVID-19, it's given people who are cooped up in their homes an inordinate amount of time to think about things. At a moment when physically seeing people you don’t live with wouldn't be wise — but loneliness and FOMO are more real than ever — a lot of people seem to be pausing to take stock of their relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and partners.

Maybe you’ve reached out to someone you don't speak to regularly but wanted to patch things up with because of how dire the world looks right now. Or maybe you were the person on the receiving end of a reconciliation call, text, or DM from a family member or former friend or lover.

If this is something you've experienced recently, we'd love to hear your story. Please fill out this form, keeping in mind that your answers may be quoted in a BuzzFeed News article. Feel free to reach out to me at michael.blackmon@buzzfeed.com with any questions.

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