Taylor Swift's New Video Looks Like "Ghost In The Shell" And People Aren't Happy

"Taylor’s somehow found a way to re-re-appropriate Ghost in the Shell."

Taylor Swift's brand new music video, "...Ready For It," was released on Thursday night, and though some fans of the pop star are very much into the visuals, others have some serious issues.

Many believe the video looks very similar to Ghost in the Shell, specifically the Americanized live-action version featuring Scarlett Johansson released in March of this year.

It does seem that the Joseph Kahn-directed music video was inspired somewhat by the Johansson movie, which was critically panned.

Many on Twitter were quick to notice the similarities, and some were displeased, accusing Swift of further whitewashing the anime.

Taylor Swift, watching 2017's "classic" film Ghost in the Shell: "This. This is me."

Some reactions were more biting than others, like this one:

taylor swift saw the new ghost in the shell and thought "hmmmm... not white enough"

While others leaned heavily into the irony of it all.

do u think taylor watched the ghost in the shell reboot and was like 'this is that shit I was talking about!'

Another user went as far as to say the singer "found a way to re-re-appropriate Ghost in the Shell."

@IWriteAllDay_ Taylor’s somehow found a way to re-re-appropriate Ghost in the Shell

It was pretty much an endless deluge of mockery.

TSwift's new music video is 2 seconds away from telling me her name is actually Mira and her mom is played by Kaori… https://t.co/MtaVCjWe6s

There were comparisons to other science fiction works like Blade Runner...

Them: "the Ready For It video is so unique, so original" Me: *mentions Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, every apoc… https://t.co/VXREKy68VU


But the video also reminded people of another major pop culture moment....

Is not Ghost in the shell guys.... 😱

Evil Kermit.

Who did it better? TAYLOR OR KERMIT?#ReadyForItMusicVideo


This is stealing from independent amphibians and I will not stand for it

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