Pete Davidson Lost His Temper At UCF Students During A Set And Now The College Is Mad

“It’s disappointing that his rant spoiled an event that was meant to welcome students back for the fall semester,” the University of Central Florida told BuzzFeed News.

A Florida college is hitting back at Pete Davidson after the comedian was shown in footage posted online losing his temper in a set Monday night, calling students “privileged little assholes” and at one point using the word “retarded” as an insult.

“Mr. Davidson’s abusive language, particularly his use of a derogatory slur, is contrary to the University of Central Florida’s values of inclusion and respect for all,” a university spokesperson told BuzzFeed News in an emailed statement.

“It’s disappointing that his rant spoiled an event that was meant to welcome students back for the fall semester.”

From the video uploaded to YouTube, it seems that Davidson became annoyed by people in the audience having their cellphones out.

“If you film everything and not enjoy the show for fuckin’ an hour then, like, I don’t gotta be here,” the Saturday Night Live performer said. “I could just give them their money back because I don’t give a fuck.”

Davidson’s criticism of the audience lasted at least a minute, judging from the footage recorded, with students appearing to grow increasingly shocked and uncomfortable.

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“Whenever somebody else comes to your fuckin’ town and wants to perform and is exhausted and flies all the way to the middle of fuckin’ nowhere to do jokes for you little privileged assholes, don’t fuckin’ ruin the show for people who actually wanna be here,” he said.

That response elicited cheers from the audience, but Davidson stopped the celebration because half of the people looking on were the folks he was calling out.

He then proceeded to call the students “embarrassing,” saying, “That’s why the world is gonna end in 25 years, because you’re all fuckin’ retarded.”

“Yeah, I meant it that way, idiots,” he said to a scattering of boos. “You should fuckin’ grow up.”

But then Davidson appeared to suddenly switch track. “Now I’ll continue,” he said with a laugh before completing the rest of his set. “I just wanted to scare you. Just grow up. Don’t do that shit.”

Representatives for Davidson did not respond to a request for comment.

The last year has been turbulent for Davidson, who had a highly publicized romance and subsequent breakup with Ariana Grande, and then released a lengthy statement about the bullying he’d received from the pop star’s fans.

Davidson, who has been open about his experience with borderline personality disorder, also uploaded an alarming Instagram post last December in which he said he was feeling suicidal. New York police subsequently performed a wellness check on him to ensure he was OK.

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