Netflix Announced Who The New Lead Will Be In Its Creepy Show "You"

The new lead previously appeared in Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House .

Netflix announced Wednesday that Victoria Pedretti of The Haunting of Hill House fame will be playing the new lead actor in the second season of its popular series You.

Details about Pedretti's character are scarce, but the streaming service said she would be playing an aspiring chef named Love Quinn.

According to Deadline, Season 2 will be filmed in Los Angeles, which means that Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, will most likely leave his digs in New York City and head out West like he does in the Caroline Kepnes book series the show is based on.

Badgley's character is a serial murderer and stalker, and in Season 1 he quickly becomes infatuated with Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail, after she visits the bookstore he works at one day.

He slowly inserts himself into Beck's life after stalking her social media and phone conversations and even spying on her through her apartment window. While some of her friends don't buy the good-guy facade he puts on, Beck falls for him despite there being plenty of red flags about who he really is.

Finally, in the last episode, (this is a major spoiler so don't read if you are still watching the show!!), Badgley's Joe locks Beck in a soundproof basement underneath his bookstore after she finds damning evidence that he's actually a murderous stalker.

Beck makes and attempt to escape her prison, but is pulled back by Joe before the screen goes black.

Though the viewer doesn't witness Beck dying, you can pretty much assume she didn't make it out alive.

Remember how Beck's book of essays was being sold in the bookstore at the end of the series? She's probably dead.

One can only hope Pedretti's character doesn't meet the same fate as Beck.

Season 2 of You is believed to be premiering sometime later this year.

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