Jake Gyllenhaal Might Be In The Next "Spider-Man" Movie

The actor is reportedly in talks to join the MCU as a villain.

Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to appear in the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, alongside English actor Tom Holland, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Details for the movie, which is slated to come out July 5, 2019, are scarce.

However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal could play Mysterio, a villain who's known for using hypnotism, though he has no supernatural powers.

Sony declined to comment on the matter to BuzzFeed News.

Although the news isn't confirmed, the internet is rejoicing the possible inclusion of Gyllenhaal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

C'mon Marvel, all we need is Gyllenhaal to complete the ~beautifully bearded men trifecta~ now that we have Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

if jake gyllenhaal really is going to be in the next spiderman movie, marvel has officially collected all the trading cards for the "beautiful bearded men in hollywood" set

People were very much here for it.

tom holland and jake gyllenhaal in one marvel movie together??? as spider-man vs mysterio? anD TOM SAID BEFORE THAT HE WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH JAKE SOMEDAY mY hEaRt https://t.co/BsVvqVLbGW



remember when justin bieber was rumoured to be in the new spiderman movie and now we get jake gyllenhaal instead, this is character development

Fans of Holland were especially excited about the rumored news.

first robert downey jr., then michael keaton and now jake gyllenhaal?? tom wins.

Just imagine!

y’all if jake gyllenhaal is joining tom holland i will fling myself into the sun oh my god it’s happening

In conclusion, the people want Gyllenhaal. It's what we deserve.

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