This Is Our First Look At Tim Burton's Remake Of Disney's "Dumbo"

The beloved Disney classic flies into theaters in March 2019.

On Wednesday, Disney released the first taste of what audiences can expect when they see Tim Burton's live-action remake of Dumbo.

This March, the beloved tale will take you to new heights. Watch the new trailer for Disney’s #Dumbo.

That means that we get our first look at the famous elephant, who struggles to fit in among his kind because of the very thing that makes him special: those ears.

In the teaser, circus attendees look on as the big-eared elephant soars through a big top.

Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, and Alan Arkin are all part of the stellar cast.

Disney's head of distribution, Cathleen Taff, said at CinemaCon in April that Burton would use the ending of the original 1941 animated version as a jumping-off point for this new iteration.

FIRST LOOK at Dumbo! #Disney #CinemaCon

And though the original movie was a product of its time, one can only hope that the powers that be over at Disney held off on the racism this time.

The teaser made a lot of fans pretty nostalgic. People couldn't help becoming emotional hearing the haunting cover of the lullaby "Baby Mine," a song featured in the original movie.


Others remarked on how incredible the CGI appeared.

@DisneyStudios THE CGI LOOKS FLAWLESS. I'm speechless. #Dumbo

Dumbo flies into theaters in March 2019.

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