21 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Nail How Fragile Masculinity Is

You've gotta poke fun at toxic masculinity somehow.

It's no secret that the performance of masculinity can be complicated, especially when it comes to gender and sexuality.

As a way of addressing the everyday things some men have weird hang-ups about, people have been tweeting, "Fellas is it gay if..." followed by something mundane.

Here are 21 funny tweets that highlight the ridiculousness of it all:


fellas... is it gay to take out the trash? i mean men are trash so you basically taking out another man


fellas, is it gay for a guy to like a girl? half her genetics came from a MAN. ion know .... what y'all think?


fellas .. is it gay to be born ? i mean ur literally letting another man bring u into this world .. wit ur meat out 😧🤔


fellas is it gay to fall in love and imagine a future with random women online


fellas is it gay to drink water? the male body is 60% water, you pretty much consuming another man?.... Idk🤔☕️


fellas, is it gay to go to church? i mean yall on your knees for a man idk


fellas is it gay to be a male???? i mean fr tho yall got a dick on ya body at all times 🤔🤔🤔😳


fellas, is it gay to look at the eclipse?? idk staring at two balls in the sky sounds pretty gay to me😳🤔


Fellas is it gay to pee? You're literally holding a dick 🤔


Fellas...is it gay to throw a hammer at your bro? I mean, you're technically banging him.


fellas... is it gay to look in the mirror? i mean you literally checkin a man out.


FELLAS: is it gay to drink almond milk? I mean u drinking nut 😳😳👀🌰🍼


Fellas... is it gay to shower? I mean, you're getting rained on by a showerHEAD, so maybe we shouldn't bathe-.


fellas, is it gay to say "good boy" to your dog? ur basically complimenting another man.... Idk🤔☕️


fellas, is it gay to eat five guys, i mean ur eating five guys meat


Fellas is it gay to have a brother?... I mean they literally got DICKS ??? idunno🤔☕️


fellas, is it gay if you fuse with another man


Fellas is it gay to eat meat... I mean you ARE eating meat 😳


Fellas, is it gay to breathe? I mean shit y'all be breathing the same air as ya homies. Sus af if u ask me lmao


Fellas.. Is it gay to be a man?? I mean assuming an Aristotelian view of mind-body dualism, you're literally inside a man at all times 😧🤔🤔


fellas is it gay to read another man's tweets? giggling at something another dude says...? I just dont know

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