Someone Was Seated At The Emmys As Donald Glover's Creepy Teddy Perkins Character From "Atlanta"

Will the person behind the Teddy Perkins mask please stand up?

With the premiere of Monday night's Emmys, awards season is officially in full swing.

And, like most awards shows, it's no fun unless there are a few surprises, and this year delivered some.

SHE SAID YES!💍 Watch the evening's most heartwarming moment. #Emmys

There was a proposal, people!

But that's not why we're here.

At some point during the show, near the beginning of the broadcast, a mystery was born: Someone dressed as Teddy Perkins, a creepy character from Atlanta, the hit show created by Donald Glover.

In the series, Teddy is played by Glover.

Some have speculated that the character, who made his first appearance in the sixth episode of the second season, is loosely based on Michael Jackson.

At this year's show, Glover was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, as well as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, but he didn't win in either category.

In the GIF below, you can see Teddy hug Bill Hader before the actor goes on stage to accept his award.


Things took a turn, however, when Glover was spotted seated in that same area. 👀

It had seemed likely that it was Glover dressed up as Teddy, but question: When would he have changed?

The "Teddy Perkins" episode has been lauded since it premiered, and though no one knows for sure if it was Glover in costume, people were peeved about the show losing.

Award shows are dumb, the Emmys are stupid but DAMN, YOU SNUBBED TEDDY PERKINS?!?!

A travesty, honestly!

This season of Atlanta not winning a single Emmy tonight is horrendous. Teddy Perkins was one of the best television episodes of all time and this season is one of the best seasons on TV of all time.

We might've even gotten a speech from Perkins had Glover won.

I would like to take this moment to scream "WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN A TEDDY PERKINS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH" at the TV Academy

Unfortunately for now, this case remains unsolved.

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