Demi Lovato Fans Staged A Tribute Concert For The Singer Days After She Was Hospitalized

"Today was the fun, heartwarming break we needed."

Fans of the singer Demi Lovato staged a tribute concert to her, immediately following her hospitalization earlier this week.

Lovato's last concert was canceled after the singer was taken to the hospital Tuesday, an event that drew a lot of speculation regarding the possible cause.

Live Nation told E! News that tickets for the event could be used for a Lauv performance taking place on July 26 or performance by The Chainsmokers on July 29.

"Refunds are also available at point of purchase if preferred," a spokesperson said.

But that didn't stop fans from showing their favorite artist some love.

Dozens of Lovatics, as her fanbase is affectionally called, came out to Atlantic City, where Lovato was supposed to have a concert Thursday night and sang some of their favorite songs by the singer.

Lovatics have decided to put on their own concert today in Atlantic City where Demi Lovato was scheduled to perform before the cancelation to show her support 💗

Here, fans sing Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" from her 2017 album of the same name.

A representative for the singer told BuzzFeed News Tuesday that Lovato's family wanted "to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support."

According to Claire Lowe, an education reporter for the Press of Atlantic City, fans told her they organized the event via Twitter.

Fans of @ddlovato decided to meet up today to support their idol on her recovery despite her AC beach concert performance being canceled, said fan Katie George, 24, of Swedesboro

One fan described the meetup as "bittersweet but amazing."

Today we had a bittersweet but amazing day in Atlantic City singing for Demi. Over 60 Lovatics joined together on stage to show our unconditional support. Love you @ddlovato and we wish you the best 💗

Others tweeted about it earlier in the week and were adamant that the fans needed to "turn up for miss Lovato" since she wouldn't be there.

can’t wait to meet all of the demi stans in atlantic city later we really about to turn up for miss lovato since she can’t be there with us 💗

Some fans were emotional after seeing videos of the tribute. "The bond we have over Demi is so special," one person said.

Omg the people in Atlantic City for the Demi tribute are in a circle talking about how Demi has helped them and some of them even started crying :( the bond we have over Demi is so special

"Today was the fun, heartwarming break we needed," another said.

i have chills watching all of your videos from atlantic city. that's what we needed. a gathering of lovatics, all celebrating demi in a hard time of need. today was the fun, heartwarming break we needed.

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