Cardi B Is Going To Cohost "The Tonight Show" With Jimmy Fallon And I'm Totally Okurrrr With That

Breaking: Cardi B continues to make money moves.

Cardi B, America's Most Charming New Artist*, is going to cohost The Tonight Show alongside funnyman Jimmy Fallon on Monday's upcoming episode, the show announced Tuesday.

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*An award I just bestowed on her.

The news is a first for the long-standing, flagship late-night show, with NBC telling the New York Times the show has never before had a cohost.

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During the April 9 show Cardi will chat with Fallon, perform, and then later she'll ~interview~ the guests for that particular episode.

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Cardi B's upcoming album, Invasion of Privacy, comes out on April 6.

The Bronx native rose to fame after the massive success of her No. 1 single "Bodak Yellow."

The upcoming show will be Cardi's third visit to The Tonight Show. Her first was a performance with G-Eazy from September 2017, and the second was the must-watch video below — which already has an impressive 16 million views.

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Cardi's fans are PUMPED about her upcoming hosting duties.

It's must-see TV.

@FallonTonight @iamcardib OMG this is gonna be LEGENDARY! ONE FOR THE BOOKS!!

But some are already demanding more.

That Cardi B reign just won't let up!

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