Ariana Grande's New Tattoo Fail Says "BBQ Grill" In Japanese Instead Of "7 Rings"

Always check your foreign language tattoos with a native speaker, people!

Pop star Ariana Grande made a supremely embarrassing mistake on Tuesday when she unveiled a new tattoo that she thought meant one thing, but instead it meant something else entirely different.

Grande, whose latest single "7 Rings" recently became her second No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, got a tattoo using Japanese Kanji symbols in honor of her song, which was inspired by a shopping spree with some of her closest friends and is all about wealth and excessive spending.

The correct assembly of characters for "7 rings" should've been "七つの指輪," a detail she got correct in the title card for her song's music video.

But the "Thank U, Next" singer's tattoo was written as "七輪".

Now, as Kotaku points out, those two characters separately mean "seven" and "ring."

But when combined their meaning changes altogether.

"七輪" or "shichirin" is actually a small charcoal grill used for BBQ.


So, yep. Grande now has a tattoo on her hand celebrating Japanese BBQ.

Here's the tattoo:

People wasted no time having a lot of fun with Grande's mishap, which has now been deleted from her social channels (but screenshots live forever).

ariana rlly got japanese style bbq grill tattooed on her palm thinking it said “7 rings” i’m dead

Others made BBQ grill appropriate jokes.

Omg I love @ArianaGrande ‘s new tattoo 😍😍🤞🏻😱🤟🏻💞💖

While some took a super literal approach to their trolling.

Can’t believe I did this..... I got a tattoo to match @ArianaGrande 😂🤧

Jokes aside, some people had some more serious thoughts on the tattoo mishap.

ariana stans: ariana has a deep appreciation for the japanese language and culture and has been studying it for years ariana: gets a tattoo that says bbq instead of 7 rings

ariana’s tattoo... 2012 tumblr girl getting a kanji tattoo for aesthetics without actually caring about japanese culture/people teas

Though the specific tweet has now been deleted, Grande acknowledged the symbols she'd left out of her tattoo, and it doesn't seem like she's too concerned about fixing it.

"it hurt like fuck n still looks tight i wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao," Grande wrote, "but this spot also peels a ton and won't last so if i miss it enough, i'll suffer thru the whole thing next time."

Jokingly, the pop star also said she was a "huge fan of tiny bbq grills."

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