Are You Happy Being Single?

We want to hear from you.

As the nation slowly reopens, no one knows how the summer will play out in terms of romance. Will it be full of nonstop debaucherous orgies or will we all unexpectedly fall in love because we’ve been touch-starved after more than a year of limited contact with other people?

But what about single people who aren’t looking for a partner? What about single people who are actually happy being single? Relationships are a great way to grow with someone and challenge yourself to be vulnerable with another human being. But they also take work and naturally, aren’t for everyone. Maybe you came to the conclusion — possibly before the pandemic — that you simply aren’t a long-term relationship type of person. Perhaps you have been burned one too many times, or you find dating to be fraught and a poor use of your valuable time, etc.

If you’re someone who is single and living your best life, I’d love to chat with you about it for a story. Please fill out this form, and I may reach out to you with follow-up questions.

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