Introverts Only: Has The Pandemic Pushed You To Rethink Social Habits?

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At the start of the pandemic, when everyone was forced to go into lockdown, I tried to be an optimist. Like most people, I really wanted to believe that staying home and flattening the curve would help us all return to normal life within a couple of months. I even wrote a short article about how enduring the experience of quarantining would be a cakewalk for an introvert like myself. (Clearly, I was wrong.) Staying home has been tough for everyone, and I’ve realized how much I actually do want to be around people.

And I know I’m not the only introvert who feels this way. Right now, a lot of people are struggling with their mental health. According to the CDC, there are “considerably elevated adverse mental health conditions” due to the pandemic. Not only that, it seems lately there’s no shortage of viral tweets about hitting the oh-so-dreadful “pandemic wall.” And who can forget the random spells of loneliness that sneak up throughout the day? It’s a strange time, one that inevitably has forced people to reconsider their social life and habits.

So if you’re someone who identifies as an introvert, I’d like to hear how the pandemic has affected you. Fill out this form.

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