The Soundtrack For "A Star Is Born" Has FINALLY Been Released And Fans Are Off The Deep End

"A Star Is Born soundtrack is hands down the best original score I’ve heard in ages."

The album features a mix of songs from both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who proves he has a magnificent singing voice.

And there's something for everyone as the soundtrack isn't limited to one genre — rock, country, and pop numbers all feature in the movie and on the soundtrack.

Like the film, people are already giving the album incredible reviews.

A Star Is Born soundtrack is hands down the best original score I’ve heard in ages. There’s literally and absolutely no way she will exit the Dolby Theater without at least one Oscar for the music of the film. Every single song is a masterpiece on its own. Exceeds all the hype.

A Star Is Born soundtrack is definitely some of gaga’s best work, we have a wedding classic, we have 3 dance pop bops, we have heart-aching songs, we have everything we want and more. It exceeded all my expectations WOW.

The #AStarIsBorn soundtrack has finally ARRIVED on my Apple Music 😭😭

Because this is the internet, there were many funny reactions too.

Just like that, Gaga and Cooper have converted people into country music aficionados.

Me: “i hate country music so much” Gaga in a Star is born: Me:

"I can't stop listening to the A Star Is Born soundtrack," another infatuated listener said.

There’s so much good new music out today but I can’t stop listening to the A Star is Born soundtrack

Even RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 winner Aquaria got in on the fun, predicting the songs would win Oscars.

I don’t mean to spoil the album and I certainly don’t mean to spoil the movie but isn’t so crazy how a star is born just won best music (original song) for the Oscars?? Crazy right?

That remains to be seen, but Aquaria isn't alone in thinking this. Still, Gaga will have some major contenders to beat.

Nonetheless, happy A Star Is Born day! (The film also hits theaters today so we're officially declaring it a national holiday.)

Bless your ears by keeping this album on heavy rotation!

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