A Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend In Front Of Celine Dion And Her Face Was Priceless

Here's to a love story just as epic as Jack and Rose's.

Meet Nick Janevski and Austin McMillan. They're both 24 and live in Las Vegas.

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

Janevki works at the Mirage Casino doing corporate wellness and McMillan is about to open a restaurant with her family. The couple have been dating for six months, and McMillan told BuzzFeed News that her cousin's girlfriend introduced the two at their gym.

McMillan said that she and Janevki hung out every single day during their first month of getting to know each other, and soon they both "kinda knew that this was it."

McMillan is a huge fan of the singer Celine Dion. "My mom raised me on Celine because she's a huge Celine Dion fan," she told BuzzFeed News.

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

Back in October, McMillan said that Dion's classic hit "My Heart Will Go On," made popular by the massive success of the 1997 film Titanic, came on in the car when Janevski was picking her up, she told BuzzFeed News.

McMillan said that Janevski then "started playing it on Spotify every time I got in the car." And that's how he came up with the perfect proposal idea.

According to McMillan, her fiancé used to be a personal trainer for Dion's manager, which is how he set up the meet and greet. She said she was "freaking out" because they were told that they'd only be able to speak to the superstar for 30 seconds and she didn't know what she'd say to her in such a short time. But unbeknownst to her, meeting Dion wouldn't be the only surprise she'd get that night.

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

Dion was in Vegas to perform for a limited time, and Janevski and McMillan planned to catch her while she was back. Initially, McMillan said that her fiancé wanted to propose to her during the live show, but Dion's manager sweetened the deal by helping them get a meet and greet opportunity.

Janevski got down on one knee and proposed to McMillan just a second after they had their pictures taken, and the look on Dion's face is priceless.

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

McMillan told BuzzFeed News that Dion had no idea that Janevski was going to pop the question, and it definitely shows. Both women were surprised. "I didn't even say yes... for like two whole minutes I was just shocked. I just looked at Celine Dion and then we both looked at him ... I just kissed him."

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

After taking a few moments to process everything, McMillan finally said "yes" to the the big question. McMillan also said that she remembered Dion jokingly saying, "Should I even be here?"

Dion was just as amazed by the proposal as McMillan was, and the singer gave the happy couple a pretty incredible blessing: "I hope you have a long and happy marriage, just like I did with my husband," Dion said, McMillan told BuzzFeed News.

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

Dion's husband, René Angélil, died last year.

The couple doesn't have a date set for their wedding yet — the proposal just happened last Friday — but McMillan hopes it'll take place in California in the near future.

Courtesy of Austin McMillan

Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

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Update: Janevski and McMillan wrote in to BuzzFeed News to share the news that they married in May. Here's to a union as iconic as Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

Courtesy of Austin McMillan



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