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Report: James Murdoch Used To Hide A Gun Under His Desk

A new book claims Murdoch kept the weapon to deal with "Uzi-carrying stars" during his tenure as hip hop mogul. He's testifying in London today.

Posted on April 24, 2012, at 7:06 a.m. ET

A new book on the News Corp. phone hacking scandal details, among other things, James Murdoch's wild past as a teen delinquent and a pistol wielding rap-music empresario.

In Dial M For Murdoch, written by British MP Tom Watson and journalist Martin Hickman, the authors write:

By contrast, Murdoch’s youngest son, James, had long been a rebel. At the prestigious Horace Mann High School in New York he dyed his hair blond, got a tattoo and pierced his ears and an eyebrow. Subsequently he dropped out of Harvard to found a hip-hop label, Rawkus, keeping a gun under his table to deal with some of its Uzi-carrying stars.

The book also includes allegations that staff at the now shuttered Murdoch tabloid News of the World bugged the office of their own editor, Rebekah Brooks, while encouraging the paper's reporters to dig up dirt against hostile members of British parliament.

The Murdoch heir is scheduled to testify before the Leveson Inquiry today in London, while his father, Rupert, is slated for questioning later in the week.