Opening Shot In Rubio's "Morning Again In America" Ad Appears To Be Canada

(Ted Cruz plot?)

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"It's morning again in America," a calm narrator says as an idyllic scene of a boat crossing a harbor plays in Marco Rubio's latest ad — a darker riff on the classic Ronald Reagan ad.

Based on a quick internet search, though, the boat scene in the "Morning Again" adappears to be Vancouver, Canada.

A shot of the ad's footage on Shutterstock is tagged Vancouver (though also San Francisco and New York).

And another listing for the video again tags it as Vancouver alone.

If you look more closely, Vancouver's Harbour Centre Lookout Tower is visible in the footage:

And the flag on the boat appears to be Canadian:

Other shots from the photographer/videographer "Great Outdoors Media" reveal more points shot with more identifiable views of Vancouver, like Canada Place:

And this similar shot from the same photographer features what is more clearly the lookout tower and Canada Place on the right.

"Ha! Nice catch by BuzzFeed — we hadn't noticed that. We are not going to make Canada an issue in this election," a spokesman told BuzzFeed News.

Here's the ad:

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