George W. Bush Once Leaked A Nude Photo Of Jeb To The White House Press Corps

Bush 43 will campaign for his little brother in South Carolina.

During his 2001 White House Correspondents Dinner speech, President George W. Bush addressed his relationship with his younger brother, Jeb, following the contentious Florida recount.

Insisting there were no hard feelings between him and Jeb, Bush pointed to what he said was a picture of his brother. The photo, projected onto a screen, showed a naked Jeb Bush as a toddler.

"Fortunately, I've got great brothers and a great sister. Some people have asked me, however, if the vote recount left any hard feelings between my brother Jeb and me. Not a bit. In fact, here's a picture of the Governor of Florida," Bush said.

On Thursday Politico reported that George Bush will be appearing in a TV ad for Right to Rise, the super PAC that is supporting Jeb. The 43rd president will also campaign for Jeb in South Carolina.

When asked about the joke, Tim Miller, Bush's campaign communications director, said, "The Bush's have a healthy respect for pranks, Jeb included." Miller could not confirm if the photo shown was, in fact, of Jeb Bush.

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