Who Won The #WhatsRomneyHiding Hashtag War?

Another day, another conservative attempt to hijack—and mock—a liberal Twitter campaign. So, which side came out on top?

On the heels of a Washington Post report that Mitt Romney is using a federal loophole to avoid disclosing some investment holdings, President Obama kicked things off:

Twitter: @BarackObama

Democrats followed in predictable fashion:

Twitter: @DWStweets

Twitter: @Lis_Smith

Twitter: @BenLaBolt

Conservatives initially countered with a #WhatsObamaHiding hashtag...

Twitter: @TheRickWilson

But they quickly figured out it was more fun to just make fun of the original hashtag:

Twitter: @ScrollnKey

Twitter: @DrewHampshire

Twitter: @bob_owens

Twitter: @ScrollnKey

Then things got a little racist...

Twitter: @Hawkma74

...and sexist:

Twitter: @RobertA99554088

But, as usual, it ended with conservatives declaring victory and gloating:

Twitter: @ProLifePolitics

So, who won this round?