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Romney Says Portman Plays A Pretty Good Obama In Debate Prep

By the end of their mock debates, Romney says he wants to "kick him out of the room."

Posted on September 25, 2012, at 3:55 p.m. ET

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DAYTON, Ohio — Appearing alongside Rob Portman at a rally here Tuesday, Mitt Romney praised the Ohio Senator for his performance playing President Obama during debate prep sessions.

"Do you know what he does at weekends? Do you know what he does?" Romney asked the crowd. "He plays Barack Obama!"

"He plays him well too, I hate to tell you," he went on, adding, "After the hour and half or so is over, I want to kick him out of the room, he's so good. He doesn't convince me. Actually, when he gets finished he said, you beat me again, you beat me again."

Then, perhaps realizing he was setting high expectations for himself, Romney quickly added, "He likes my arguments, you see. He's a better debater, but he likes my arguments. He knows they're right."