Romney Aide: Stuart Stevens Is Safe

"No truth" to rumors that he'll be ousted after Politico story.

A senior Romney adviser told BuzzFeed Sunday night that there's "no truth" to rumors chief campaign strategist Stuart Stevens is on his way out, after a blistering Politico story laid blame for campaign failings at his feet.

The adviser did not want to go on the record immediately engaging Politico — whose sources blamed Stevens for everything from a flawed campaign strategy to Clint Eastwood's bizarre convention comedy routine — but said those theorizing that Stevens's days in the campaign are numbered will be disappointed.

Stevens declined to comment on the record, and a campaign spokesperson did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed's query.

Since the conventions, President Obama has opened up a lead in most national and swing state polls, and the Romney campaign has struggled to find a consistent message. Some in Republican circles have called for a shakeup; other movement conservatives have long distrusted Stevens, who is far from an ideologue.

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