Marco Rubio Suggests He Won't Vote For Immigration Reform Without Stricter Enforcement

One of the architects of immigration reform might pull out if the border isn't secured first. But the White House may disagree.

In an interview with Rush Limbaugh aired Tuesday, Sen. Marco Rubio said he wouldn't support a bill granting a pathway to citizenship to undocumented immigrants unless it first addressed border security.

Limbaugh speculated that Democrats didn't actually want secure borders, because Hispanic voters have overwhelmingly supported their candidates in recent years.

The current framework laid out by a bipartisan group of Senators this week, including Rubio, states that most of the reforms will not go into effect until action is taken to secure the border. But there have been indications that the White House will try to pursue reform without a so-called "enforcement trigger."

"To the point of them not wanting to do the security, look, all I can tell you is that that's a big issue for me," Rubio responded. "That's why I'm involved in this process. I have no reason to believe it won't happen. But if it doesn't, I'll come back to you and say look, it didn't happen. We tried, they put that in the principles, but then they drafted a bill and I couldn't support it."

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