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Joe Williams Sees Vindication In NAACP Boos

The former Politico reporter was ousted after saying Romney was only comfortable with "white folks."

Posted on July 11, 2012, at 6:28 p.m. ET

HOUSTON, Texas — The Politico reporter who resigned amid controversy last month after claiming that Mitt Romney was only comfortable speaking to "white folks" watched the Republican get repeatedly booed during his NAACP speech Wednesday — and he has a simple message: Told you so.

"The speech was another example of what I'd tried to say that day on TV," Joe Williams e-mailed to BuzzFeed. "He's obviously uncomfortable with voters who aren't like him, and he struggles to relate."

Williams compared Romney's remarks to a trip the candidate took to a poor, mostly-black neighborhood in Philly in the spring, saying that, like then, "Romney didn't seem to know what he wanted to accomplish or why he was there."

Williams added: "But vindication is cold comfort that I'd trade for a job at the moment."

Or, as he put it on Twitter: "Can I have my job back now?"

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The interview that got Williams in trouble.