DREAMer Activists Interrupt Rick Perry, Chris Christie Speeches: "We Are Americans"

"We are Americans." Perry and Christie were speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit, which features appearances by a number of top 2016 candidates, and is being hosted by Steve King, the Republican known for his strict views on undocumented immigration. Two DREAMers were arrested.

Activists began shouting during the former Texas governor's speech on Saturday night:

Activist Cesar Vargas then interrupted Christie's speech, which followed Perry's. He was later arrested and BuzzFeed News has learned.

Another DREAMer stood up during Christie's speech. This guy helpfully pointed him out for security.

DREAMers stand up and interrupt Rick Perry at Iowa Freedom Summit

The DREAMers included national immigration activists Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, who made the trip to Iowa to join with other DREAMers from across the country including Texas and New Jersey, which helps explain why Perry and Christie were the two interrupted. Vargas and Marco Malagon from Texas, were arrested afterwards, New Jersey DREAMer Giancarlo Tello told BuzzFeed News. They have since been released.

Malagon was the one yelling, "We are Americans."

"Marco is an undocumented person from Texas and Perry is the guy who was governor, the guy who sent the National Guard to the border," Tello said, of Perry's response to the unaccompanied minors crisis from Central Malagon. He said Malagon has a child on the way.

"He wanted to confront Perry, he wanted to represent his community, his family and his unborn son and try to ensure their safety," he added.

The activists were holding up signs that said, "Deportable?" a reference to a much-maligned Steve King tweet before the State of the Union address, complaining that Michelle Obama's guest was a DREAMer.

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