Video Shows Woman Being Dragged Off Delta Flight By Her Hands And Feet

Airport officers were called in to remove the woman after she failed to comply "with boarding and baggage check procedures," Delta said.

A woman was dragged off a Delta flight by her hands and feet in Detroit on Monday after failing to comply "with boarding and baggage check procedures," the airline told ABC News.

A two-minute video posted on YouTube shows the woman, who was not identified, being dragged through the aisle of a plane by one airport officer. In the final 10 seconds of the video, a different officer grabs her ankles as she is dragged before fully removing her from the plane.

Delta Airlines did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment and more information about the circumstances of the incident.

The video was originally posted by Rene deLambert and has now been viewed more than 90,000 times. Other passengers on the plane can be seen filming the incident and heard discussing what's happening, laughing, and saying things like "oh my god" and "holy shit."

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The plane was scheduled to fly from Detroit to San Diego, according to the airline's statement.

After the woman was removed from the flight, Delta said the plane was able to take off after a slight delay without further incident.

Airport officials told the Associated Press that the woman would face charges, but it wasn't clear what type of charges. BuzzFeed News also reached out to representatives of San Diego International Airport for more information.

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