Disturbing Video Shows Woman Mauled By Tiger At China Animal Park

A woman died and her daughter suffered life-threatening injuries after they exited their vehicle inside a tiger enclosure in China. Warning: Graphic video.

A woman was killed by a tiger and another seriously injured Saturday after they got out of their vehicle in a Siberian tiger enclosure at the foot of the Great Wall of China, authorities said.

Footage released by China's state media CCTV shows a car slowing and then stopping inside Beijing Badaling Safari World. A woman gets out and walks around the vehicle, where she is suddenly mauled and dragged off by a tiger. A man and a woman exit the car and run in the direction of the tiger.

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According to the Legal Evening News, the woman mauled by the tiger got out of the car after a fight with her husband.

The woman was badly injured, while her mother, who left the car to help her daughter, was killed, according to the New York Times. The man was uninjured, as well as their child, who remained in the car during the attack.

The wildlife park allows people to drive their cars around the animal enclosures, but forbids people from exiting their vehicles.

Officials ordered the park closed for an investigation, the Yanqing County government said in a statement. Beijing Badaling Safari World has had other serious safety problems, the Times reported. An elephant killed an employee in March, and a tiger killed a security guard in 2014.

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