Insanely Precious Clouded Leopard Quadruplets Born At Tacoma Zoo

These four cubs are so small they can still fit in the palm of a hand.

Quadruplet clouded leopard cubs were born at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington.

They were born to mother Chai Li and father Nah Funon, who live at the zoo, on May 12.

The four little cubs are all healthy, the zoo reports.

They are just one week old, so the cubs have not yet opened their eyes.

The little cats weigh between 11 to 13 ounces — less than the size of an average box of cereal.

They are so small they can curl-up in the palm of a hand.

The zoo does not yet know the babies' genders, and the cubs will not be on display at the zoo for about a month.

In the meantime, handlers at the zoo will help the cubs grow strong.

Watch this adorable video of the cubs being held and bottle-fed:

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