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Police Arrest Michigan State Fans For Reportedly Rioting In The Streets And Throwing Bagels

Michigan State beat Louisville during overtime in a NCAA tournament game Sunday and fans went wild throwing bagels and setting things on fire. At least four people were reportedly arrested.

Last updated on March 30, 2015, at 3:32 p.m. ET

Posted on March 29, 2015, at 8:03 p.m. ET

In East Lansing, Michigan, fans took to the streets to celebrate the Michigan State Spartans win and at least four people were reportedly arrested by police, the Associated Press reported.

Bagels, shoes and trash flying in Cedar Village @thesnews

The MSU win will take the team to the Final Four in the NCAA championship games.

Michigan State beat Louisville 76-70 in overtime and is expected to play against Duke in the next game.

Rich Barnes / USA Today Sports

This will be the seventh time Michigan State has gone to the Final Four under coach Tom Izzo, who is the best coach in NCAA modern history, according to Five Thirty Eight.

Rich Barnes / USA Today Sports

After Michigan State won, hundreds of students gathered outside Cedar Village, an off-campus apartment complex, to celebrate...

@thesnews The five-plus arrests have not detered the excitement of the crowd or its numbers.

@thesnews Students taking selfies in front of police.

@thesnews A fire was started and police quickly intervened, dispersing the crowd and making arrests.

Fans went nuts throwing bagels....

Arrested for throwing a bagel @thesnews

@thesnews Police have arrested several. Bagels are being thrown. Unclear why the people have been taken away.

And lighting things on fire, like a sweater...

@thesnews An officer stamping out the smoldering remnants of the sweater fire.

One shirt on fire, and just like that it's all over. @thesnews

And a couch was also set on fire.

Celebrate, but don't destroy property or set fires! Represent MSU pride at its best and with class.

Police were eventually able to disperse crowds and at least four people were arrested by riot police, multiple news outlets reported.

Here's a better action shot of the crowd dispersing and cops detaining some of the revelers. #MSU #EastLansing

@thesnews At least three grabbed and arrested by police in the chaos.

Police had reportedly prepared for the disturbance in Cedar Village, since three fans had also been arrested Saturday following MSU's late-night win that allowed the team to move into the Elite Eight.

Despite the chaos on Sunday, the Michigan State University Police Department still seemed to have a good sense of humor about it, asking "what's with the bagels?"

And even engaging humorously with people's tweets about using bagels because they were out of doughnuts:

@TannerTweeted Well, that's a crime in itself.

And MSU police pondered how bagels could be thrown, when "they're so tasty!"

@shelby_lonner Seriously, they're so tasty!