People Were Shook By This Super Bowl Lumber Ad About Immigration

"This is a really hot take for a lumber company."

Construction company 84 Lumber released its first ever Super Bowl commercial on Sunday. It depicts a mother and daughter in Mexico who are embarking on a journey to leave their country. The conclusion of the ad, when the pair reach the US–Mexico border wall, was deemed too controversial for Fox and can only be viewed online, according to 84 Lumber.

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The 90-second ad by the Pennsylvania-based company shows the young girl picking up pieces of cloth along her journey, which she stitches together at night. The commercial ends on a cliffhanger, and directs viewers to see the conclusion on 84 Lumber's website.

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After the commercial aired during the Super Bowl, 84 Lumber's website crashed with so many people trying to watch the conclusion.

84 Lumber's site has crashed, but you can watch the conclusion of that immigration ad at…

The longer, follow-up commercial shows the mother and daughter finally reach the border wall. The young girl reveals that she has been sewing together a US flag out of the scraps of cloth that she has been collecting.

The pair then travel to a spot in the wall with a door made out of lumber, which they are able to open, and enter the US. "The will to succeed is always welcomed here," the commercial reads at the end.

The family-owned business said that after it submitted the original ad, Fox rejected it for being too political, according to Ad Age.

The lumber company said the commercial is aimed at recruiting for its work force.

A lot of people were surprised a lumber company had made a political commercial.

This is a really hot take for a lumber company

The dream of open borders, brought to you by 84 Lumber.

Some people were really impressed by the commercial.

Now THAT ad was trolling Trump. 84 lumber. it was rivetting

Many people noted that Fox had refused to air the full version, but were thankful they were still able to watch the whole commercial.

Fox censored 84 Lumber's ad. No surprise from the network that birthed Trump. Screw 'em, we have the net.

Some people didn't think it was OK for a lumber company to comment on the wall.

I'm not going to boycott 84 lumber. I'd rather symbolically use some of their products on THE WALL 😉. TEN FEET HIGHER. #SuperBowl

Now Trump is going to demand 84 Lumber pay to build that border wall. #SuperBowl #SB51

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