People From Philadelphia Went Completely Nuts After The Eagles Won The Super Bowl

It's the first time the team has ever won a Super Bowl and its fans did not play it cool at all.

In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots on Sunday in Minneapolis.

They said it couldn't be done. The @Eagles did it. #SBLII

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

It was a very close and intense game until the end.

Fans watching the game in Philly were super chill about the win, and decided to cheer a little and then go home...

The Eagles are coming back to Philly with the Lombardi Trophy.

Not! We're talking about Philadelphia fans here: some of the country's most notorious superfans, who stuck with their team for decades despite never winning a Super Bowl.

👏🏻Phil Basser, a 99 year old #Eagles Fan whose lived in Philadelphia since 1918 & supported them since their incep…

And. They. Went. NUTS.

Crowds fill the streets in #Philadelphia. #FlyEaglesFly #SB52

Fans were seen marching through streets, yelling "Fuck Tom Brady" — referring, of course, to the Patriots' quarterback.

Crowds are gathering in Beaver Canyon and they’re certainly not Tom Brady fans.

And they chanted the last name of Eagles quarterback — and now folk hero — Nick Foles.


People climbed the gates of Philadelphia City Hall.

Now: Gate climbers on City Hall @NBCPhiladelphia

Multiple people were seen jumping off an awning of the Ritz Carlton into a crowd of people in downtown Philly.

Here's another video of someone else jumping off the Ritz-Carlton after tonight's #SuperBowl victory! #FlyEaglesFly

People are jumping into the crowd off the awning of the Ritz

i just watched three people jump off the ritz on broad street i love this city

Or, you know, doing backflips on it...

This awning collapsed 20min later under the weight of 30+ fans #eagles #SuperBowl52 #philadelphia

Until the awning collapsed.

Shit is getting wild in Philly. #SuperBowl

It was unclear Monday morning if anyone was seriously injured when the awning collapsed.

There was lots of screaming and running.

The city of Philadelphia was so nervous about how citizens would react after the game, it preemptively greased light poles with hydraulic fluid to prevent people from climbing them.

Philadelphia pole climbers: meet your match tonight. As predicted, no Crisco on the poles. Instead, police are usin…

In the past, they've used Crisco.

Of course, Eagles fans took that as a challenge to climb the poles.

@Eagles fan > hydraulic fluid. Yep, he scaled the light pole! Come on guys!!! Celebrate safely! Be responsible…

Pole vs Eagles fan. Advantage: Eagles fan.

[hears the poles are greased with Crisco] “IM CLIMBIN IT” [hears the police have switched to hydraulic fluid] “I’M…

The police even joked about it on Twitter.

Throughout the night, fires were seen burning in the streets.

One person shared a Snapchat of small fire starting to burn in the crowd.

@World_Wide_Wob Seen this on snap, lmao they burning it down

And this photograph showed a car flipped on its side in the middle of a massive crowd.

#NOW @eagles fans flip a car outside the Bellevue! Come on guys! Celebrate responsibly!!! Police are guarding the c…

A video appears to show the car as it's being flipped.

They flipped a car over... #EaglesWin #superbowl

Fireworks went off across Philly.


And green lights — for the Eagles — were seen all across the city.

Even cops seemed to be joining in the excitement.

Happiest @PhillyPolice officer, Mark Lapenta, of the 22nd District, celebrating with fans at @TempleUniv

There were some reports of scattered looting, and vandalism.

People yelling “Everything is free,” looting, trashing this gas station. Damn it, Philly we better than this.

"We have had several acts of vandalism where windows have been smashed, and some injuries have been reported around light poles that have been pulled down," Philadelphia police said in a statement.

"We have one report of looting at a gas station. There have been no fatalities.”

As a result of the crowds on the streets, the city's night buses were suspended, although usual bus service had partially resumed as of Monday morning.

Authorities were still hard at work on the streets and in the control rooms throughout Sunday night and into Monday morning. They had one small plea for those out celebrating...

Still going strong in the EOC. But, if everyone could go home that would be great. We have to get some rest to star…

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