A Pennsylvania City Got Buried In 5 Feet Of Snow And People And Their Pups Are Trying To Enjoy It

Let it snow!

Several feet of lake-effect snow buried the city of Erie in Northwestern Pennsylvania over Christmas, smashing local and state snowfall records.

The National Weather Service reported an incredible five feet of snow fell on the city in a three-day period beginning Christmas Eve.

With an additional 3.5" of snow at the Erie, PA airport as of 5PM, this brings the two day (12/25-26) total up to 5… https://t.co/hUx1IcO9yO

By Wednesday, the total had reached nearly 64 inches.

The 7 AM snow observation at Erie International Airport was 1.3" of new snow since midnight. The 3+ day total since… https://t.co/jOlClpEKXW

The majority of the snow — 63.8 inches in total — fell on Christmas Day and Tuesday, breaking the statewide record for most snow observed in a two-day period. An additional 6 to 12 inches of snow was forecast for the city through Friday.

Lake-effect snow is a winter phenomenon where cold, arctic air blows over the still-warm Great Lakes, forming narrow bands of clouds that can dump heavy snow on nearby communities.

"This is insane!" said a meteorologist for Erie News Now, a local news outlet.

This is insane! We have seen 92.5 inches of snow this month. 19" since midnight, and 53" since Christmas Day. #Erie… https://t.co/3RG36WLdaw

Erie officials declared a state of emergency and asked drivers to stay off city streets and nearby highways, citing "an incredible amount of snow."

Facebook: eriepolicedept

The governor of Pennsylvania deployed additional state resources to supplement response efforts, including plow trucks, heavy equipment, and personnel.

Northwestern PA saw record snowfall over the last several days. Multiple agencies are working with local officials… https://t.co/jExKGEELPO

Erie residents are used to lake-effect events, but even they appeared to be surprised by the feet of snow piling up.

"Stop the snow machine"


"Never been more relevant"

I live just 10 mins outside of #Erie and this sign has never been more relevant and appropriate. 34 inches of snow… https://t.co/mzakbZ1AuD

"Erie never knowing when to stop"

Erie never knowing when to stop. 53 inches and counting.

"Beautiful day" — which may or may not have been a joke.

Beautiful day here in Erie - just declared a state of emergency due to snowfall.

A police reporter for the Erie Times-News described the town as having a "zombie apocalypse feel." 👀

West 11th Street in #Erie has a zombie apocalypse feel, with more people on foot than in cars

This brave husky was seen swimming through the snow.

"Husky shark"

OK, this actually does look pretty fun...

It was this poodle's very first time in the snow!

And this dog DGAF it was buried neck deep in snow.

This dude was definitely not going to let a little snow get in the way of the tropical vacation happening in his mind.

This guy was not going to let some snow interfere with his #OOTD post.

This woman was snowed in and not complaining.

"My house...send help! Lol"

"Just Erie things..."

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