Muslim Americans Are Furious And Fearful Over Trump's Win

"I'm actually scared to leave the house tomorrow," a Muslim woman from North Carolina said.

With Trump's presidency looking more likely, Muslims in the US expressed their fears about what their future might look like.

what will happen to the muslim american population if trump win

To say the least, people were freaking out.


Muslim Americans expressed feeling "broken, confused."

So much love for @maddow for lifting up how Muslim Americans are feeling watching Trump inch closer to a win. I feel broken, confused.

Others were crying.

Im a woman, a Muslim, and the child of immigrants and I can't believe that I live in a country that supports Trump. I'm in tears.

Many Muslim Americans were taking to social media to express their fear. "I'm actually scared to leave the house tomorrow," a young Muslim woman from North Carolina wrote on Facebook.

Facebook: therahma

As a Muslim American, I'd be lying if I said that I'm not scared for my safety if Trump wins.

Linda Sarsour, who is the Executive Director of The Arab American Association of New York, told BuzzFeed News that never before had she felt "unsafe in my own country," but emphasized that she was more determined than ever despite the risk.

"I didn’t feel like this under George Bush... I didn’t feel unsafe in my own country," Sarsour said to BuzzFeed News. "I have a responsibility to stay positive, and to say that I’m going to organize tomorrow harder than I ever organized in my life. We cannot allow people in this country to fall into despair. I’m more determined than I ever was."

"The reality of our organizing is that it’s going to involve more risk," she continued. "I shouldn’t say this as a woman, but it’s going to separate the men from the boys."

People wondered if "being Muslim will be a crime."

If Trump wins we r going 2 live in a world where beating women is the norm,blacks being mistreated & killed, & being Muslim will be a crime.

Hatem Bazian, founder of the Center for the Study and Documentation of Islamophobia at UC Berkeley, compared Trump's election in the US to what happened with Brexit in the UK.

"This is America's Brexit moment, where Islamophobia, anti-immigrant and nativist sentiments got masterfully mobilized to win an election for the most unqualified person in the history of the country," Hatem Bazian, founder of the Center for the Study and Documentation of Islamophobia at UC Berkeley, said to BuzzFeed News. "The coming four years are going to be very difficult for the American Muslim community, and Islamophobia will be given a new lease on life, directly from the White House."

No matter what happened, Trump's run made many realize how much racism and sexism exists in the US.

As a Muslim American woman,realizing its such a close race is devastating on so many levels, even if Trump loses in the end #election2016

One young woman expressed her concerns that Trump's presidency would mean her Muslim father who didn't live in the US would continue to be separated from her.

He's a Muslim Arab and if Donald Trump wins they won't let him come so I might not be able to see my dad until I'm 18...

Muslim Americans wondered if the US would become like Nazi Germany.

in late 2015 Trump confirmed he would set up a Muslim-American database, so do we get special ID's now like nazi germany or what???

I am the first American Muslim to be registered under the authority of President Trump. This is what we voted for.

Imraan Siddiqi, who is the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Arizona, talked to BuzzFeed News about the rise of violence that Muslim American communities have already seen and whether the KKK and other white supremacy groups would feel validadte by a Trump win.

"We hosted an election watching party at a local mosque. You could see a great deal of concern on the faces of the people who were watching," Siddiqi said. "Not because they were diehard Clinton supporters, but because people feel that minorities are going to be under threat. Because we’ve seen a rise in violence, we’ve seen a rise in white supremacist movements and militia movements and groups like the KKK. Is the KKK going to feel validated by this? We have a lot of work to do going forward. We’re going to be on the front lines."

Some said despite jokes about moving out of the country because of a possible Trump presidency that they refused to be bullied "out of my country."

I joke about moving to NZ. But as a US born Muslim woman, I'll be damned if I let Trump and his goons intimidate me out of my country.

Others said no matter what they would always be proud of who they are.

I'm so proud to be a black American Muslim woman. Donald Trump will never make me hate anything about me. Ever.