Japanese Artist Arrested While Crowdfunding For Her Vagina Kayak

A woman in Japan was allegedly arrested for breaking obscenity laws while crowdfunding for a 3D-printed "Pussy Boat."

Japanese artist Rokudenashiko, whose real name is Megumi Igarashi, was crowdfunding her dream of making a kayak that was shaped like her vagina when she was reportedly arrested for breaking an obscenity law.

The 42-year-old allegedly broke Japanese obscenity laws by sending 3D printer data of her scanned vagina through email to over 30 people.

In Japan women's privates are not typically spoken about, so Rokudenashiko hopes to demistify female privates through her art.

In Japanese female genitalia are referred to as the discrete "asako" ("down there"), while Rokudenashiko tries to use the more descriptive "manko" ("pussy"), which is heard as an extremely vulgar word.

For men, there are no words with the same taboo and instead many playful words for "penis" which are used by people of all ages without discretion.

The artist has previously made a series of art by pressing molds to her vagina, including the "Pussy Diorama" and "Pussy Lampshade"...

"Pussy Smartphone Case" as well as a remote-controlled vagina car.

Her art went one step further when she discovered that she could use a 3D scanner to capture her vagina and cut the exact shape of it for her own pussy boat.

She rowed the pussy boat in the Tama River, between Tokyo and Kanagawa.

"I don't think this is obscene," Rokudenashiko is quoted as saying by the police.


There is a petition on Change.org that was started to release the artist, who is being held in Tokyo, and remove such obscenity laws.

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