Front Pages Of The World’s Newspapers Mourn The Orlando Shooting Victims

The attack at a gay club in Orlando left at least 50 people dead.

1. Orlando Sentinel (U.S.)

2. Tampa Bay Times (U.S.)

3. El Nuevo Herald (Miami) (U.S.)

4. New York Daily News (U.S.)

5. The Scottish Sun (U.K.)

6. New York Post (U.S.)

7. New York Times (U.S.)

8. Wall Street Journal (U.S.)

9. The Washington Post (U.S.)

10. Boston Globe (U.S.)

11. Los Angeles Times (U.S.)

12. The Guardian (U.K.)

13. Philadelphia Inquirer (U.S.)

14. Toronto Star (Canada)

15. Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)

16. Daily Telegraph (Australia)

17. The Daily Telegraph (U.K.)

18. The Times (London) (U.K.)

19. Jerusalem Post (Israel)

20. Corriere Della Sera (Italy)

21. El Pais (Spain)

22. Die Tageszeitung (Germany)

23. Le Figaro (France)

24. Libération (France)

25. De Telegraaf (Netherlands)

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